News  |  13 April, 2021

‘Looking for Horses’ in competition at Visions du Réel, 2021

‘Looking for Horses’ (87 min., 2021) is the first feature film made by our past resident Stefan Pavlović that was started during his residency at KAMEN in 2019 and edited at KAMEN in collaboration with Sabine Groenewegen in 2020.

The film will enjoy its international premiere next week at the Visions du Réel film festival in the Burning Lights Competition! We are so proud of having been a part of this beautiful film and wish Stefan a wonderful time in Switzerland.

Synopsis: Travelling to Bosnia in search of his origins, filmmaker Stefan Pavlović meets a solitary fisherman. One man has language impairment, the other lost his hearing during the war. Camera in hand, the director films the onset of this improbable and profound friendship. A film of inspired form that deals with communication and trauma.