News & Announcements

29 April, 2021

2021 Season Announcement

We are happy to announce this season’s residents, from May until October: Rola Khayyat, Lisa Slawitz, T.Morgan, Ekaterina Volkova & Iskra Vukšić, Sara Selmić, Maziar Afrassiabi, Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko and Adriana Ramić. We look forward to welcoming them!

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9 January, 2021

2021 Covid-19 update

We are glad that Covid-19 vaccines have been developed at a quick rate. We expect KAMEN 2021 to be running as usual and that residents will be able to travel internationally this year. However, we will still be taking special care in light of the pandemic. In case residents will not be able to get

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