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14 February, 2020

A look back: Verena Blok

Excerpts from Verena Blok’s look back to her residency at KAMEN in June 2019: “During my stay at KAMEN, my intention was to research the representation of femininity in religious contexts and the way in which this is implemented in contemporary culture.  Although the one-month residency was short-lived, I succeeded in producing a great deal

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22 January, 2020

Extended deadline

The deadline for applications for residencies during May-October 2020 at KAMEN is extended to the 1st of March We encourage early applications. Find out more about the application procedure here:

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In our inaugural season, we have had the great pleasure of a summer-long partnership collaborating on “the Proteus Project” together with Brian Lewarne and the Devon Karst Society. For the last 20 years the Devon Karst Society have been performing scientific research on the endangered proteus or olm species (Proteus anguinus anguinus) in Bosnia and Hercegovina, in

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