Resident  |  01 July - 19 August

Zuko Garagić

Zuko Garagić is a filmmaker and documentarian born and raised in the Czech Republic. He holds a BA from New York University (summa cum laude in two years) and is a MFA Film candidate at Columbia University, New York. As a filmmaker, Zuko experiments with the boundaries of narrative structure by blending fiction with essayistic and documentary tendencies in order to engage and activate audiences and create thought-provoking films. His short films have screened and won at film festivals internationally. Most recently, Zuko was awarded the 2022 Indian Paintbrush production grant.

During his time at KAMEN, Zuko will be working on an interdisciplinary documentary project involving individuals employed at the same institution. Each participant will be given an 11-minute film roll and asked to document how their workplace defines them. Afterwards, participants will watch their recordings and be asked to discuss their authorial choices, comparing the films to their written responses.