The Residency

KAMEN Artist Residency is an independent artist-run residency program. The non-profit organization is aimed at providing a space for artists to live and work in community and engage in either collaborative or solo projects. KAMEN is interested in the fruitful exchange between people, ideas, methodologies and disciplines – bridging diverse practices to foster interconnection. KAMEN is also an ideal location for a retreat in order to focus on creative endeavors, to work on the production of art works, do research, or write.

We welcome artists and art-related researchers working in all disciplines (visual art, film/video, music, performative practices, writing, architecture, design, etc.). We encourage interdisciplinary and experimental projects. As well engagement with the socio-political, contemporary culture, broader ecological sphere and environmental issues. Participants of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and genders are welcome, at all stages of their artistic career.


Each participant is invited to hold a public presentation, in any preferred format, scale and environment, at the end of their stay. KAMEN facilitates exhibitions, lectures, master-classes, presentations and screenings to be held at a number of institutional, alternative or public spaces, in collaboration with our partners, depending on the nature of the project or research.

Duration of residency period

4 to 12 weeks, from 1 May to 31 October

Our experience has taught us that a longer stay is more fruitful and allows one to fully immerse oneself in the community and the landscape. We’ve structured three residency periods: May-June; July-August and September-October – and would like applicants to specify their preferred choice. If the duration of two months or these particular time-slots do not suit you, please let us know. We are willing to accommodate different schedules, as we understand different disciplines have a variety of constraints with regard to taking time for such an opportunity.

Provided by the host and team

  • Assistance, translation, communication, organization, hosting final presentation
  • Pick-up from the airport in Dubrovnik
  • A welcome dinner
  • Excursions to places of interest in the surroundings, including museums, galleries, historical and ecological sights, schools, etc.
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Opportunities to engage in collaborations with our network of partners. See ‘Region’ for more details.

Accommodation Information 

The residency building is newly built, surrounded by a large terrace and private grounds that connect directly to the lake. It consists of two floors and provides living and working spaces for four artists at a time; with private rooms, private and shared working spaces and shared living areas: kitchen, living room, dining room, bathrooms, terrace, and the land around the building.

  • 4 private rooms, with wooden floors and large windows; bed, closet, table, chair;
  • 1 small room for guests-professionals interested in connecting with KAMEN (maximum three nights)

Studio Information 

Studios are suitable for various disciplines, from writing to sculpting. If needed, one of the studios can be transformed in a video-editing room.

  • Studio area (100m2), consisting of 4 private studios and a common space with a large open terrace (2nd floor), overlooking the lake
  • Communal work space (100 m2), with 2 large tables
  • Outside: various half-open spaces around the building, equipped with tables and chairs.Artists are encouraged to work with local materials (stone, wood). Basic tools and drawing materials are provided. If any specialised material is needed artists are advised bring it, or inform us in advance.

Technical Information 

  • Easel (1x), tables, basic tools and drawing materials
  • Video projector (1x)
  • Media player (3x)
  • LCD screen (3x)

Residency fee

KAMEN works with a non-refundable residency fee of €1000 per month to be paid in advance. It covers accommodation, studio space(s), basic studio supplies, facilities and project support from the hosts, the terms of which can be negotiated according to the resident’s needs. We encourage residents to apply for external grants. Please feel free to contact us about any questions you may have. An official letter of invitation can be provided by KAMEN if required for (travel) grants or visa applications.

Aside from the residency fee, residents must cover their travel expenses, local transport, additional (specific) working materials, and personal groceries, which can be done relatively cheaply in the area. Most fresh produce needn’t be bought, as our vegetable and fruit garden is plentiful. We practice collective cooking and can consider specific dietary restrictions or wishes. Local transport is cheap but not frequent. Car rental is quite affordable and advised, as there are many interesting sites to visit in the area.