The Residency

KAMEN Artist Residency is an independent artist-run residency program and non-profit organization, initiated to provide space for artists to live and work in proximity, and engage in collaborative or solo projects. As well, KAMEN is suitable as a place for retreat, offering space and time to focus on creative endeavors. We are interested in fruitful exchange between people, ideas, and disciplines – bridging diverse practices to foster interconnection.

We welcome artists and art-related researchers working across a wide range of specializations, including visual art, moving image, music, performative practices, writing and/or design. We encourage experimental practices and interdisciplinary projects. Environmental issues and ecological concerns find a particularly fruitful ground at KAMEN. So does engagement with socio-political and historical issues, and work that activates studies of mythology, anthropology, religion, etc. That said, we value artistic autonomy and do not enforce any theme.

Participants of all ages, genders and backgrounds are welcome, at any stage of their career. Within the groups of residents hosted simultaneously, wee aim to combine intergenerational and international positions, and include a variety of disciplines.


KAMEN is not an outcome-oriented residency. Residents however are freely invited to hold a public presentation, in their preferred format, scale and style. We facilitate the organization of exhibitions, lectures, masterclasses, and screenings, etc. to be held at a number of institutional, alternative or public spaces, in collaboration with our partners. See Region and About Us for more information on our partners.

Duration of residency period

KAMEN’s season extends from the 1st of May to the 31st of October.

We advise residents to stay for an 8 week period. Our experience so far has taught us this time is needed for engaged productions and orientation in the region.

Residents can apply to the time blocks of May-June, July-August, September-October.

If the duration of 8 weeks or these time blocks do not suit you, please let us know in your application. We are willing to accommodate different schedules, if possible.

Provided by the host and team

  • Assistance, translation, communication, and project support
  • Organizational support of a final presentation of work (optional)
  • Opportunities to engage in collaborations with our network of partners. See Region for more details.
  • Pick-up from the airport in Dubrovnik
  • Excursions to places of interest in the surroundings, including museums, galleries, historical and ecological sites, schools, etc.
  • Studio and living facilities
  • Wireless Internet
  • and more!

All produce from our plentiful vegetable and fruit garden is for common use. We practice collective cooking and can consider specific dietary restrictions or wishes. Our style of living is communal yet allow for plenty of privacy. We share a moderate amount of household and gardening responsibilities among the group.

Accommodation information 

The residency building is newly built, surrounded by large private grounds that reach out to the lake. It provides living and working spaces for four artists at a time, to each have private rooms, access to private and shared working spaces, and shared living areas: the kitchen, living rooms, dining room, bathrooms, outdoor terraces, and gardens. Around the residency building, we have created a number of half-open working spaces that can be used for outdoor working.

  • 4 private furnished rooms
  • 1 room for guests-professionals interested in connecting with KAMEN (max. three nights)

Studio information 

Studios are suitable for various disciplines, from writing to sculpting. If needed, one of the studios can be transformed into a video editing room. 

  • 2 large studios (60 m2
  • Communal working space (~100 m2), with 2 large tables
  • Outside: various half-open spaces around the building and on the property, equipped with tables and chairs

Art supplies and studio equipment

  • Tables, basic tools and drawing materials
  • Easel (2x)
  • Video projector (1x)
  • Media player (3x)
  • LCD screen (3x)
  • iMac with Adobe Suite

Naturally, in the region there are plenty of materials available to work with i.e. stone, wood, natural and interesting “waste” materials to be gleaned in the surrounding.

There are several art supply, hardware and material stores in the vicinity. However, if specialized or non-standard art materials are needed, artists are advised to bring them. 

Residency fee

KAMEN works with a residency fee of €1.000 per month. It covers accommodation, access to commons, studio space(s), basic studio supplies, and project support (negotiable according to the resident’s needs). 

Aside from the residency fee, the visiting professional must cover their travel expenses, local transport, additional food (that which is not from the garden) and additional working materials. Local transport is cheap, though not frequent. We advise residents to rent a car during their stay at the residency, which averages at a cost of €300 per month.

We encourage residents to apply for external grants. KAMEN can provide an official letter of invitation if required for (travel) grants or visa applications.