Resident  |  1 July- 19 Aug

Ines Borovac

Ines Borovac is a Croatian born social designer and performer currently based in the Netherlands. She holds a master’s degree in Social Design from the Design Academy in Eindhoven where she developed her practice in the field of performative design. Inspired by her cultural background and personal experiences, the ubiquitous themes of her work are socio-political issues of Balkan region. As a feminist in her practice, Borovac infiltrates various traditional systems with the aim to create alternate speculative scenarios. The foundation of Borovac’ artistic practice unfolds through movement/gesture whereby she studies the behaviors and rituals of social constructs, with a focus on gender roles in Balkan culture. Possible futures, systems and rituals become proposed and materialized through video, performance and installation.


During her stay at KAMEN, Ines will work to figure a deconstructed notion of Balkan marriage. Through the lens of  the region’s craft traditions and their relation to prevailing gender issues in Balkan society, Ines will engage a new universe of folk rituals, performative objects, and participatory scenarios. Ines strives to challenge the patriarchal notion of heritage to evolve into values of acceptance, tolerance and fluidity. In lieu of conservative approaches that strive for the maintenance of folklore traditions, Ines aims to encourage discomfort and provide functional alternative scenarios.