Resident  |  August-September 2020

Jelena Rosić

Jelena Rosić is a film editor, educator and researcher on film and cognition, in terms of ‘neurocinematics’ and ‘neuroaesthetics’. Jelena specializes in micro-phenomenological methods for the study of lived experience and its relations to various cognitive phenomena. By means of this framework, she researches augmented sense-making, the conceptual and empirical grounds for extended perception, and the constitution of novel perceptual modalities. She is a doctoral candidate in New Media at the multidisciplinary Aalto University (sci-art-tech-biz) as well as an Early-Stage Researcher at Enactive Virtuality Lab, Tallinn University. She is also pursuing an MSc in Cognitive Science at the Univeristy of Vienna and Medical University, Vienna.

At KAMEN, Jelena spent a residency period editing the feature length sensory documentary “On Water and Bread” (post-production, 2021) by Kostana Banović.