Resident  |  May-June 2021

Lisa Slawitz

Lisa Slawitz uses emotions as a fundamental source of information about existence, which she processes visually through painting and drawing. “The funny thing about emotions is that, although they are seemingly familiar, they are utterly subtle and complex. Trying to understand them, a question appears: What does it look like?” Lisa Slawitz asks this both of her body and her mind while drawing intuitively on visual memory. Hereby the painting becomes an intuitive object that emanates a particular kind of truth.

Trying out different color-schemes is important to Slawitz’s process. Being open to influences such as light, color and sound, as well as inner states of body and mind – allows for change to happen within the painting. During her stay at KAMEN, Lisa will paint in open air, in the remarkable landscape of the residency. For this project her focus lies on the exterior: that which happens outside oneself – with a benevolent disposition toward things in the surrounding. This posture can be seen as the inverse of the common tendency to direct oneself inward, to isolate within the self.