Resident  |  1 July- 19 Aug

Maja Simisić

Maja Simisić is an artist, dog lover, provocative performer, post-postmodernist, turbofolk bombshell, devoted housewife, prophetic storyteller and a meticulous maker of uncanny worlds. She is a collection of untamed personas: women that question and criticize their surroundings through a humorous lens. Rather than plainly protesting, subverting the status quo for their own benefit. ‘If you can’t beat them, infiltrate and dismantle.’ No art medium is foreign to Maja; she wove her nest at the intersection of research and making, turning both into new patterns.

During her stay at KAMEN, Maja will pursue her project ‘Fake acrylic nails as an anti-capitalist/pro-restivist tool in the everyday practice of modern beauty standards.’ She will explore all the daily tasks that come with life in the countryside that she is or is not capable of doing with fake acrylic nails. This labor will be documented in detail and put together in a manual.