Resident  |  August, September 2019

Majda Vidaković


Majda Vidaković (SRB/NL)

Growing up in two different countries, Serbia and the Netherlands, I never felt I was of a specific nationality, but more like a nomad in any country. A nomad who acquires objects and materials as orphans and tries to give them a new home and purpose in my studio, gallery or any alternative space I create. I’m fascinated by imperfect objects and their ability to show us the beauty of rituals and culture; traces of human behavior in their daily routines. My work is about playfully arranging these different elements (found or made) in an installation in which they all contribute to an atmosphere of a collective space. Taking them out of context and creating a domestic feeling by showing a collection of subtracted aspects or impressions of particular cultures and/or societies. This way I create my own understanding of a place where I feel at home and can be inspired.

During my stay at the Kamen residency I want to research ways to puzzle together my own idea of what Yugoslavia was: the country I was born in but only know through stories. The location of the residency is an intriguing place as it borders three former Yugoslav republics and the nature serves as a neutral setting to bring together aspects of each former republic. I will be gathering things – be it materials, objects or photographs of certain places, in each ex-Yugoslavian country; researching what connects the traditions and cultures in a positive way, beyond religion or political circumstances.


This project is financed by the Mondriaan Fund, Netherlands.