Resident  |  September-October 2021

Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko

Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko is a film director and photographer living in Berlin. He is drawn to the unknown, the odd and the magical that inspires him to create images and stories that are out of this world.

At KAMEN, Maxim will work on his in-progress video project. Particle physics have proven that the nature of our universe is deterministic; there is no free will. Following from this, not even our thoughts can be considered ‘created’ by us. What about our ideas, inspirations, and visions; the stories and technological innovations that shape our world – do they belong to us and how do they come about? This brings Maxim to explore the place where ideas lie dormant: “another dimension, figurative but impossible.”

Born in Soviet Moscow, Maxim grew up in Moscow, (East-)Berlin, and Warsaw. He studied Audiovisual Media (BA) at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and Film Directing (MA) at the Hamburg Media School. His short films have been screened internationally and won numerous awards. Maxim attended residencies and film labs internationally, among others the Script Station at the Berlin Film Festival’s Talents program for the development of his first feature film.