Resident  |  August 2021

Maziar Afrassiabi

Maziar Afrassabi is interested in the relation and tension between the different layers and scales of art production, and the disparate geopolitical and historical genealogies that condition art production.

Afrassiabi will use his residency at KAMEN to reflect on his work, situated in the local dynamic amid the lake, mountains and fishermen.

Maziar Afrassiabi is the founder and director of the art platform Rib in Rotterdam []. He is docent at the St. Joost Art Academy, Den Bosch; advisor at the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam; member of the advisory committee at the Fine Art Department, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam; member of the supervisory board at V2, ‘lab for unstable media’, Rotterdam; former board member at Platform Beeldende Kunst [] and until 2020 advisor at Sculpture International Rotterdam.