Resident  |  01 May - 19 June


Milamour is an interdisciplinary performer, researcher and activist.
The essence of her practice emerges from an interest in making the personal political (and vice versa). Her research explores lived experiences as an essential source of knowledge and resistance. Through installation-performances, staged in both physical and virtual spaces, she interweaves objects of study, introspective investigations and audiovisual media (photography, video, sound). This plurality of mediums is used to mirror the density of the notions she tackles: traumatic memory, affect, gender identity and disembodiment. By presenting enigmatic stories, received in snippets, Milamour exploits mystery and intimacy as tools to pique curiosity and incite thought-provoking experiences.
During her time at KAMEN, Milamour pretends to be some sort of researcher who studies the notion of home in a manner that is ‘transversal’ (cutting across boundaries). This aims to explore what it means to inhabit and be inhabited — a space, a land, a house or even a body, whether it be delimited by borders or intangible contours.