Resident  |  July 2019

Rhian Morris, Liza Rinkema and Jasper Hupkes


Rhian Morris (UK) in collaboration with Liza Rinkema (NL/SI) and Jasper Hupkes (NL).

In times of ecological catastrophe what is destroying our world is the persistent notion that we are independent from it; aloof from other species, and immune to what we do to them. Now, more than ever, it is urgent that we re-evaluate how we relate to each other as living beings. Becoming aware of the ecological web we are intrinsically bound up within means becoming aware of the agency of non-human life forms. These non-human life forms have their own timescales and their own sensibilities. This is the starting point of the research: how to make processes of the earth which are beyond our human comprehension accessible and engaging to an audience?

Rhian Morris (scenographer), Liza Rinkema (dramaturg) and Jasper Hupkes (geologist) will be exploring geologic deep time present in the Jurassic and Cretaceous limestones of Orah. They will be translating this scientific knowledge into embodied experience, through sensory interventions between body and environment. Through the act of making paths through the landscape, they will be forming a methodology combining geology and scenography; a way of spatially and performatively perceiving the earth’s deep history.


This project and the residency program is financed by the Impuls Subsidy from the Municipality of Utrecht, Netherlands, and the KAMEN fund.