Resident  |  July 2020, June - August 2019

Stefan Pavlović

Stefan Pavlović (NL/BiH, 1989)

Looking for Horses

documentary / essay film 

88 min

Driven by a method of filming through, and because of friendship, Stefan links up with Zdravko, a fisherman in a small Bosnian village. The film attempts to capture their bond and time together through an experimental methodology. Friendship functions as an instrument of filmmaking; a necessity that looks out into the world, in wonder, in aspiration – together as a unit wholly different from its separate parts . 

Zdravko and Stefan dont speak the same language. Stefan lost his mother tongue, Serbo-Croatian, at a young age, or had difficulty acquiring it in the first place (no one really knows), due to a stutter. Zdravko lost his hearing during the Yugoslav war of the nineties. By means of filming, and maybe because of filming, they find ways to communicate and be together.

This project is financed by the Netherlands Film Academy, the Master’s Degree Programme in Film.