Resident  |  July 2019

Stephanie Talić

Stephanie Talić (Vancouver, Canada, 1984)

My work originates and develops naturally; experiences, contemplations, and materials act as starting points from which serendipity often ensues. Prevalent in much of my 2-dimensional work is my fascination with the culture of my ancestors. I have been drawn to the land of my heritage; its landscapes,
music, smells and tastes connect me to that lost part of myself—to the identities left behind by
my father and maternal grandparents.

At KAMEN I want to expand my practice and be in dialogue with other artists and people. In the midst of the landscapes and regional craft customs which inspire much of my work, I intend to produce a multi-media series of new works. Expressions of my observations, personal first impressions and experiences of life in the Bosnian countryside will serve as my starting point.