News  |  15 March, 2019

First selected residents 2019

We are pleased to announce our first group of residents for the coming season:

Verena Blok (NL/PL, 1990)

Visual artist


Stefan Pavlović (NL/BiH, 1989)



Rhian Morris (UK, 1991)

Scenographer & performance maker in collaboration with dramaturg Liza Rinkema (NL/SI) and geologist Jasper Hupkes (NL).


Stephanie Talić (Canada, 1985)

Visual artist (multidisciplinary)


Matea Bakula (BiH/NL, 1990)

Visual artist (sculpture)


Majda Vidaković (SRB/NL, 1990)

Photographer and installation artist


Jennifer Dowdell (USA)

Landscape Architect, Ecological Planner & Designer