News  |  9 January, 2021

2021 Covid-19 update

We are glad that Covid-19 vaccines have been developed at a quick rate. We expect KAMEN 2021 to be running as usual and that residents will be able to travel internationally this year. However, we will still be taking special care in light of the pandemic.

In case residents will not be able to get vaccinated before their residency, we ask new residents to provide a negative Covid-19 test. In the nearby city of Trebinje for instance there are various testing possibilities.

At KAMEN, each resident has their own private room, shower and toilet. In general our building is spacious enough so that common areas can be easily used while keeping social distance.

Our location of Orah is very remote in a large nature area. We are not a high traffic place. Many of us like to congregate and even work outside. These circumstances make KAMEN quite a safe place during such this pandemic.

Please feel free to get in touch about any concerns.